Packaging for whisky is a vital consideration if you are looking to retain and grow your share of a crowded market. Ultimately, premium packaging for your products positions and promotes your brand identity, attracts consumer attention and increases the likelihood of sales growth.

That’s if it’s done right, of course!Not all whisky packaging is created equal.

Premium Packaging by Elanders is perfect for distillers, bottlers and brands seeking stylish cartons and other items that stand out on retail shelves and to wholesale buyers, displaying a strong statement about the quality of their product.

This ability to create high quality packaging that reflects quality values is why Premium Packaging is already the supplier of choice for many leading whisky brands in Scotland, Ireland and England. In fact, Elanders has a far-reaching and loyal customer base throughout the drinks trade.

However, it’s important to note that our reputation as the go-to manufacturer of premium drinks packaging and bottle labelling in the beverage industry has only been made possible because our investments in state of the art UV B1 litho printing press, new B1 finishing equipment and digital technologies at our Scottish plant enabling both long run and short run packaging projects.

Using our packaging experience and creative skills – backed by the latest CAD machine – we translate our client briefs into innovative and appropriate whisky packaging samples to get the desired packaging prior to full production, which is a vital part of the process.

Ways to package whisky

Every distillery has its own clear product vision, and brand identity, that needs to be realised with cost-effective packaging solutions produced inline with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BRC standards and accreditations.

Premium Packaging by Elanders has invested heavily in the people, skills and production technology needed for drinks packaging without compromising on high-quality standards.

It means that we’re able to migrate existing concepts into whisky packaging supply contracts or work with clients to create fresh, bespoke and high quality design solutions.

This could be UV printed cartons, cartons with a high level of finishes creating a strong and high-impact box and the finest tube wraps for beverages, for example.

If you need whisky packaging that accommodates foiling, embossing, debossing, UV litho printing, Varnishes, coatings or die-cut designs, then Premium Packaging by Elanders can turn creative concepts into full production runs.

The value of samples and prototypes

Packaging can be a tactile as well as a visual part of marketing and sales activities, which is why the Elanders team at Premium Packaging are always happy to provide CAD table samples of different materials, finishes and options. Clients can feel as well as see all the creative solutions and finishes that could be applied to their whisky brand packaging.

Using our knowledge, expertise and in-house equipment, Premium Packaging can then respond with agility and speed to requests to migrate strong designs to whisky packaging prototypes.

Having real life representations of well designed, high-calibre packaging can be the best way to gain vital feedback from New Product Development Teams and Buyers.

From this point, Premium Packaging offers fast and responsive lead times to roll out effective designs into full packaging production from its operations in Glasgow, Scotland.

This is when another important hallmark of Premium Packaging comes in to play. All batches are quality checked and no cartons, tube wraps and labels leave our packaging operation that are not produced and constructed from quality materials and displaying a flawless end product that the customer requires.

Large or small runs

Premium Packaging can cost-effectively produce both large litho runs and small run digital projects when printing and finishing whisky packaging.

This level of responsiveness and cost control makes us the ideal packaging supplier to the whisky industry for occasional, short term carton designs, such as seasonal variations or standard packaging in large volumes.

The quality of our sourced materials, finishes and production standards also equip us to respond to gift packaging briefs for whisky products – when the design needs to send a particularly auspicious, high-end marketing message.

Premium Tags

Whisky packaging to promote a strong and clear brand identity is not ‘just’ about high calibre and impactful cartons and tube wraps of course.

Consumers also judge product value and satisfaction on the finishing touches, that make their whisky aspirational to purchase. For this reason, the development and production team at Premium Packaging works closely with our sister company, Premium Tags, located in Nottingham.

Together, we can create a cohesive and persuasive brand identity for whisky products that extends to bottle swing tags and neck collarettes – or neck booklets containing product information, sales and promotional messages - as well as outer packaging that stands out and makes a perfect impression.

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