Elanders Premium Packaging Tubes Wraps are most commonly used for packing spirits, particularly whisky, gin and vodka. The high-quality material used to create our tube wraps is strong and durable to protect your product. Tubes Wraps can be made in a range of widths and heights to specifically fit to your bottle, or any other product that would suit tube packaging.

The luxurious look and feel of a packaging tube can have a hugely positive impacts on a consumer's purchasing decision. There's no doubt that the quality of the packaging communicates the quality of the product, and a tube is sure to make your brand stand out amongst the competition.

High Quality Printed and Foiled Drinks Tubes

Litho and digitally printed drinks tubes, with foiling and embossing to create a premium look and feel for the range and brand.




Variable Shaped (Oval and Circular) Drinks Tubes

Create product differentiation with a variety of different shapes such as circular and oval tubes for the spirits sector combined with high value embellishments including foiling, embossing and varnishes.

Premium Drink Tubes

Create a different look and feel with a choice of lids and bases to match the high quality print and embellishments to match the brand and product.



Innovative Telescopic Tubes

Create a unique and innovative telescopic product tube for the retail gift sector to ensure maximum stand out on the shelf.