Made by wrapping printed paper over board that is extremely sturdy for heavier objects, a rigid box can be up to four times as thick as a regular carton. When deciding whether a carton or rigid box is right for your product, it is completely dependent on the size and weight of your product and the design you have in mind for the packaging. It's also worth noting that a carton can be collapsed to lay flat, whereas a rigid box cannot.

Premium Rigid Presentation Box

Using a rigid box with a range of premium embellishments can mean consumers perceive the product is of higher value as the quality of the box can directly correlate to the quality of the product itself.



Retail Fashion Promotional Rigid Box

A rigid box is strong, durable and a great option for products and promotions that need extra protection or space for additional packaging. Rigid boxes can also come in two parts, with the lid is fully detachable or can be hinged to one side with hidden magnetic closures.

Sample Rigid Paper Over Board Box

A paper over board rigid box is ideal for presenting samples, new products and innovation for brands worldwide. The box can have a foam insert to hold items securely and a flap magnetic closure.