Perfect things deserve perfect packaging

Here at Premium Packaging by Elanders, we know all too well that in a crowded market first impressions count and sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. If you want to catch someone’s eye in this day and age, you’ve only got one chance to get it right. It’s all about packaging and the devil is always in the detail.

At Premium Packaging we have years of experience creating distinctive and bespoke gin packaging. We’ve worked with famous gin brands such as Spirit of London, Warner Edwards and The Lakes Distillery to create a wealth of innovative and eye-catching designs to stand out on the shelf.

We pride ourselves on being a little bit different from our competitors maximising the in-house production capabilities such as foiling, embossing and varnishes. You could say we think outside of the box in more ways than one. Our production is often hailed for its sophisticated and creative nature and we’re proud to say we’re one of the best in the industry at what we do.

Packaging for every product

Just like there is a dress for every occasion, we believe there’s also perfect packaging for every type and unique batch of premium gin. The packaging needs to be tailored to showcase the value, ethos, message and unique flavour of the premium gin, but the bottom line is that a quality product needs to be highlighted in its distinctive packaging.

At Premium Packaging by Elanders, we can create a showcase for your product to the market in a host of innovative ways using all our in-house technologies. One of the most popular services we offer is the digital sampling for the latest designs of the premium gin gift packaging - and with the popularity of gin gifting increasing year-on-year, we’re not surprised. In fact, the latest figures show that sales of gin over the last 12-week Christmas period were up 40% on the same period the year before, and sales over the March 'Mother's Day’ gifting period were also up 11% year-on-year, making gin gifting a year-round marketing opportunity when you factor in birthday’s, Father’s Day, Valentine’s, anniversaries, wedding gifts and more.

Our drinks gifting solutions range is very popular among gin brands, as a brand can select and develop a great looking gift set to create the desired stand out on the shelf and make the sale happen. We can produce a range of sizes, add in die-cut shapes, embellishments, folding and gluing options which will create beautifully packaging for your product and have it flying off the shelves. Some ideas include:

  • Cartons: Our extensive Cartons range offers a premium, stylish and ideal packaging solution for brands which because of their features, embellishments and print quality can be produced to help your product stand out from the other gin brands and wider competition.
  • Tube wraps: Tube wraps are an excellent form of packaging which has long been associated with high-class gin. Designed to specifically fit the shape of your bottle, tube packaging sells your product to a potential customer with both class and distinction. Tube wraps can create the perfect premium feel with Elanders in-house capability of foiling, embossing, debossing and UV printing.
  • Labels: Elander have the capability to handle and produce your wet glue label or your pressure-sensitive labels and they can also be produced with the delicate and appropriate finishes to match your brand values.

Come with us on a journey

When you choose us to create your product’s packaging with Elanders, you’ll be involved in every single aspect of the process. We want to get to know your product as well as you do, so we invite you to tell us the story of your gin, its appeal, and what you want the packaging to represent. You can view how your product will look in various types of packaging and how the use of different packaging materials can enhance your brand and make it even more attractive. Before going to final production we can produce a mockup or prototype of your packaging with adequate time to suggest any changes or modifications you’d like to make.

Why not tag it?

So your product has been packaged and it looks perfect but could it look a little better with the help of some high-quality embellishments such as Premium Tags? Our sister company, based in Nottingham is one of Europe’s leading swing tag manufacturers when it comes to supplying clients with a fully finished strung swing tag. Premium tags can add an extra touch of luxury to any bottle of gin and can turn a standard bottle into something to keep and cherish.

If you want your product to stand out and be snapped up by the masses, rather than passed by on the shelf, get in touch today and see how Premium Packaging can help dress your product for success and contact us at

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